Wholesale Financial Markets series

Published 1 Dec 2014

The Wholsesale Financial Markets Series, produced jointly with MEDEF, the CBI and Paris Europlace, explain the role of wholesale financial markets in financing business to support  growth in Europe's wider economy. The papers explain how financial services support business growth throughou the business cycle, from start-ups to multinationals.

The papers in the series are:

  1. Wholesale financial markets: what they are and why we need them
  2. The engine room of economic recovery
  3. Why Europe needs international financial centres
  4. Starting a business
  5. Growing a business organically through long-term finance
  6. Combining forces for growth: acquisitions, mergers, buy outs
  7. Growing a business through alternative finance
  8. Day-to-day operations: laying foundations for sustaining growth
  9. Supporting business: liquidity and market making

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