IRSG Comment letter – ISSB consultation on a comprehensive global baseline of sustainability disclosures

Welcoming the Exposure Drafts and the work of the ISSB towards global coherence in reporting standards.

IRSG Report – The Use of CBDCs in Wholesale Markets

Identifying the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) regulatory frameworks in the wholesale space over the next couple of years.

IRSG Report – Financial Services Priorities for the G7 and G20 Presidencies

Supporting the commitment by the German G7 and Indonesian G20 presidencies to co-ordinate global action to tackle the global crises of the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

IRSG Narrative – EU Strategic Autonomy

IRSG position on the EU's published communication on “The European economic and financial system; fostering openness, strength and resilience.” 

IRSG joint position paper – CSRD and related Article 8 Taxonomy disclosures

Highlighting challenges that both EU and non-EU companies face with respect to the extraterritorial application of Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

IRSG Report – The future of international data transfers

Exploring the current trajectory of current data transfer restrictions, and the impact that this could have on financial services firms and their customers.

IRSG response to HM Government Financial Services Future Regulatory Framework: Proposals for reform

Response to this final phase of the consultation on the UK's future regulatory framework, building on points from the report and a follow-up report produced in 2020. 

IRSG Report - ESG Ratings and ESG Data in Financial Services – A view from practitioners

Exploring the challenges the market faces in its present state and offers recommendations of steps industry, regulators and policymakers can take to futureproof the integrity and efficiency of the ESG Ratings Market.

IRSG Response to the EDPB Guidelines 05/2021

The IRSG welcomes the content and timing of new Guidelines, in particular following the open legal questions and uncertainty post-Schrems II.

IRSG Narrative – EU Third Country Regime for Banking Services (CRD6)

The IRSG supports market access rules that increase harmonisation across the EU, but which do not unduly constrain the access to international markets and services currently enjoyed by EU entities and citizens.

IRSG Narrative – EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

The IRSG welcomes the EU’s efforts on providing more clarity around sustainability information and reporting, but stresses the need to respect international sustainability reporting standards, in order to avoid duplication and ensure a level playing field for companies.

IRSG Response – DCMS consultation “Data: a new direction”

The government has proposed a range of reforms, which are wide-ranging and complex. The IRSG welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation on the UK's future legislative and regulatory data regime. 

IRSG Response – ICO consultation on international transfers under UK GDPR

The IRSG is keen to see a system that that maintains high standards of data protection, and trust and confidence.

IRSG Response - IOSCO consultation report on ESG ratings and data product providers

The IRSG stresses that it is important that market users and investors can have confidence in ESG ratings when making investment decisions.

About us

The IRSG is comprised of leading figures from the UK financial and professional services industry.

Our Activities

IRSG acts through a series of workstreams in which position papers and formal responses to official consultations are prepared and agreed.


Coverage of the most recent IRSG report: Global Regulatory Coherence in Financial Services.

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