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A New Basis for Access to EU/UK Financial Services Post-Brexit

Proposals on the terms of a free trade agreement
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Mutual Recognition - a Basis for Market Access After Brexit

New report sets out how a bespoke arrangement for financial services market access could work in practise
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CCPs post-Brexit - Implications for the users of financial markets in the UK and EU27

New paper on clearing outlines the possible impact of Brexit on banks and non-financial organisations.

Group members

Group Members

The IRSG is comprised of leading figures from the UK financial and professional services industry. 

Our work

Our work landscape

IRSG acts through a series of workstreams in which position papers and formal responses to official consultations are prepared and agreed.

In the news

in the news

Coverage of the most recent IRSG report: A New Basis for Access for EU/UK Financial Services Post-Brexit


Contacts for media.

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