IRSG Response – DCMS consultation “Data: a new direction”

The government has proposed a range of reforms, which are wide-ranging and complex. The IRSG welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation on the UK's future legislative and regulatory data regime. 

IRSG Response – ICO consultation on international transfers under UK GDPR

The IRSG is keen to see a system that that maintains high standards of data protection, and trust and confidence.

IRSG Response - IOSCO consultation report on ESG ratings and data product providers

The IRSG stresses that it is important that market users and investors can have confidence in ESG ratings when making investment decisions.

IRSG Report – The UK regime for overseas firms

Arguing that the UK’s regulatory openness needs to be maintained and make the UK more attractive for international firms.

Accelerating the S in ESG: a roadmap for global progress on social standards

Identifing key market trends and challenges that need to be addressed to deliver further progress.

Response to HM Treasury Financial Services Future Regulatory Framework Review Phase II Consultation

Highlighting the need to develop a framework that recognises and responds to three critical features of the post-EU landscape.

Response - guidelines on examples regarding data breach notification

Technical response, following the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) publication of guidelines on Examples regarding Data Breach Notification.

Financial services priorities for the UK’s G7 presidency

Paper setting out key areas of focus in financial services for the UK’s presidency of the G7 this year to tackle the most pressing challenges for the global economy

About us

The IRSG is comprised of leading figures from the UK financial and professional services industry.

Our Activities

IRSG acts through a series of workstreams in which position papers and formal responses to official consultations are prepared and agreed.


Coverage of the most recent IRSG report: Global Regulatory Coherence in Financial Services.

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