Trends in IPO listings by SMEs in the EU

Published 20 Oct 2011

Recent trends in the US show a drop off in IPO activity particularly amongst small caps, with venture capitalist investors showing a preference to exit via a trade sale. This report, authored by Colin Mason at the Human Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School, on behalf of the City of London Corporation and TheCityUK, examines the reasons behind the fall in US IPOs and assesses recent trends in European IPOs.

The report concludes that the number and value of IPOs across Europe remains well below 2006-2007 levels despite a recent upswing. This trend mirrors activity over the same period in the US market which, unlike Europe, has actually seen the population of publicly listed companies decline since the late 1990s.

Download Trends in IPO listings by SMEs in the EU from the City of London website