IRSG response to House of Lords inquiry on EU financial regulatory framework

This paper form the written evidence submitted by the IRSG to the House of Lords inquiry on the EU financial regulatory framework.

Published: 09/01/2015

Wholesale Financial Markets series

The Wholsesale Financial Markets Series, produced jointly with MEDEF, the CBI and Paris Europlace, explain the role of wholesale financial markets in financing business to support  growth in Europe's wider economy.

Published: 01/12/2014

IRSG position paper on Benchmarks Regulation

This paper sets out the IRSG's position on the EU Benchmarks Regulation, with a focus on scope, proportionality and third country access.

Published: 18/11/2014

Principles for a Capital Markets Union in Europe

This is a briefing proposing seven principles that should underpin the development of a Capital Markets Union in Europe

Published: 24/09/2014

IRSG high level position paper on global data

Position Paper

This is the IRSG High Level Position Paper on Global Data. It discusses how a balance needs to be achieved between the freedom of general data use and personal data protection.

Published: 08/09/2014

IRSG response to Balance of Competences Review – Economic and Monetary Policy

This is the response of the IRSG to HM Treasury’s call for evidence in response to the Balance of Competences Review – Economic and Monetary Policy.

Published: 10/07/2014

Financing Europe’s investment and economic growth

This paper identifies shortcomings in the European financial system and offers broad recommendations to support more efficient and potentially more secure investment financing

Published: 19/06/2014

Finance for jobs and growth in Europe

This IRSG report aims to help set the growth agenda for the next mandate of the European Parliament and Commission.

Published: 18/03/2014

The effects of a financial transaction tax on European households' savings

This research considers the impact of the proposed financial transactions tax on European households’ savings arising through its effect on the value of equity and debt holdings in six EU member states.

Published: 18/02/2014

Implications of a Financial Transaction Tax for the European regulatory reform agenda

This paper considers the impact of the proposed financial transaction tax on the regulatory reform agenda and financial stability.

Published: 27/01/2014